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Housing Construction

You would like to build a house, but the abundance of construction technologies makes it difficult to make the decision? If you want you property to be modern and not require high maintenance cost, go for advanced technologies.

Houses of Steel

Construction Time and Quality Components

Lightweight steel-framed houses are made of galvanized cold-formed profiles. This type of treatment guarantees precision engineering. Each house sits on full slab foundation. Prefabricated wall structure elements provided straight from the factory allows to cut the cost and maximally reduce the construction time. Building a house becomes easy, fast and pleasant.
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Lightweight steel-framed houses are made of  galvanized cold formed profiles. This type of treatment guarantees precision engineering. Each building sits on full slab foundation. Prefabricated wall structure elements provided straight from the factory allows to cut the cost and maximally reduce the construction time. The overall lead time is reduced to approximately three months. The use of lightweight steel construction enables to build a house in different geophysical conditions like rocky or sandy bed, and even on the water, thanks to a special float.

Individually designed, fully personalized, modern, and energy-efficient or passive houses will meet the expectations of the most demanding investors.

Single-Family Housing

Exterior and interior walls are made of OSB or Fermacell. Thanks to their durability you can hang a kitchen cabinet or TV set wherever you wish without the need of strengthening the walls. Mineral wool is applied in the middle of the structure for the purpose of thermal insulation, while on the top paroc insulation foil and Styrofoam is used. In order to absorb the noise mineral wool is also applied in interior walls.

The benefits of steel construction houses
  • building cost as much as 30% lower compared to traditional technology
  • short lead time – approximately 3 months
  • adaptability; one can hang heavy items without the need of reinforcing the walls
  • energy-efficient, economical, environmentally friendly
  • they maintain consistent  strength parameters throughout the useful lifespan
  • precision of technology excludes any human error
  • it is possible to construct a lot of floors and basement
  • contrary to wood, no pests or fungus will infest steel
  • steel cannot be destroyed, there is no need to impregnate it with any toxic substance
  • this technology excludes any human error through forming profiles by a machine with automatic gauge adjustment

Energy-efficient buildings

Whereas a few years ago,  it was primarily investors who took an interest in technical innovation and modern technology and chose energy-efficient buildings , today it is a must. Depleting energy resources and continuous increase of the cost of fuel and other energy carriers compelled to find an alternative.

The world’s environment protection is an essential part as well. All these factors have caused increasing demands on energy efficiency. This is the effect of cooperation of various factors of the building: architectural, constructing and installation ones. They have to be considered as early as at the design stage. The kind of window frames, ventilation, a heating system are also very important elements, as well as the exposure  to the different points of the compass so that big glass units face south.

Energy efficiency provides high insulation and low thermal transmittance. It saves energy needed for heating in the winter and gives a pleasant coolness in the summer. In ventilation systems recuperators are used, a system enabling the heat recovery from the exhaust air and consistent exchange of the air, which offers further advantages.

For example, the cost of the upkeep of an energy-efficient house (heating and hot water) of 100m2 is approximately 1200 zl a year.
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Build an energy-efficient house and feel the benefit!

The development of an energy-efficient property is only marginally more expensive. It is often as much as 4% more compared to traditional investment. However, depending on the house size and solutions adopted, operation and maintenance costs can be as much as 5 times lower than in the case of a building constructed in a traditional way. These are the main reasons why one should opt for energy-efficient construction.

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Passive buildings, a construction concept for the 21st century. It focuses on working out solutions that require little heating energy.

Passive buildings

Apart from energy-efficient houses, private investors can also choose passive houses, public utilities or local housing. In these properties modern solutions aimed at saving energy are adopted. This results in the need of installing a limited heating system and lower energy bills accordingly.

A passive building can be an ideal solution for demanding investors who would also like to contribute to the protection of the environment. Due to limited electricity demands, passive housing is ecological. In order to fulfill the requirements of passive facilities, it is essential to insulate the walls well. Window/door joinery is also important, since through it, among others, a facility can loose the heat. However, all this makes living in such a housing very comfortable because much less noise enters to it compared to traditional housing.

Multi-family development

wielorodzinne 300x231 -  Housing ConstructionAre you looking for innovative, modern development technologies that allow you to build an exceptional housing estate or multi-family houses for your clients?

Please  take a few minutes to learn more about our technology offer than can be adapted to ready projects and that stands out by its perfect styling, an interesting  functional layout as well as solid and durable construction. High quality of technical documentation affirmed by the opinions of the existing clients ensures trouble-free completion. We have prepared reliable investment estimates of all our projects and the most of our houses are designed in low-energy standard with well-insulated walls, ceiling, floor, and forced ventilation with heat recovery. We offer terraced houses, multi-family houses and semi-detached houses.

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Floating houses

Floating houses are becoming a quite popular trend in Europe. In Poland, they are still new; however, it is gratifying to see them more and more often at the Polish ports, even more that some of them were designed by Polish architects. Buildings with a mobile option overlooking the water can be an exceptional way to organize housing area, as well as hotels, offices, restaurants or clubs.

House revitalization, altenation, modernization, superstructure of facilities

In order to increase the floor area, revitalization or to raise facility standards, investors often face load-bearing limitations. Alternation or superstructure by traditional way can constitute an excessive burden for a facility. The solution is lightweight steel framing that satisfies high forces under specific soil conditions with a limited loading of the foundations. Thanks to its lightness and durability, steel framing can be used to build superstructure while having low budget. The replacement of curtain walls in  large housing facilities built in lightweight steel frame technology can be an ideal solution in view of the following benefits:

  • The acceleration of building process.
  • Quick and clean structure assembly, the possibility of prefabrication.
  • Reducing the weight of load-bearing structure.
  • Enhancing heating effectiveness, since our partition is marked by very good technical parameters.
  • The possibility of obtaining additional floor area; our walls, compared to traditional methods, even at small  cross-section, achieve the appropriate parameters. Thanks to it, one can get more floor area with the same building development.