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Acero Frame steel house


Acero Frame house combines all desirables characteristics that all houses should have. It is not only about several methods of renewable energy supply, but also about harmonious combination of aspects related to comfort, safety, costs, ecology and health. House in Acero Frame technology respects environment, owner’s wallet, residents’ comfort as well as their safety and health. It’s a way of life!

Acero Frame house is a passive or energy-efficient construction that is fueled by renewable energy sources. The use of renewable energy systems composed of solar panels, solar collectors, heat pumps, heat recovery, mechanical ventilation and high-quality materials such as mineral wool, polyurethane foam or passive windows makes Acero Frame the only building on the market that is so advanced and that requires such low level of operating expenses at the same time. It is additionally confirmed by highlycompetent specialist of Warsaw University of Technology. What is more, cooperation with Partners results in its competitive price as compared to traditional houses; as for operational savings, they only increase its attractiveness.

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Acero Frame house is a comprehensive offer, because the price includes house design and construction to a nearly-completed state by using all necessary materials and equipment. Acero Frame’s offer also includes geodetic and geological service. Additionally, for each project there is one architect who is at investor’s disposal and whose task is to design any functional layout or to help in choosing such elements like elevations or colour of the roof.

Acero Frame house is a modern and customized product, which combines various technologies in such a way that they work together and complement each other, creating a complete, user- and environment-friendly place to live.

The following schemes present all the most important installation systems of the house built in Acero Frame technology.

Heating utility water in hybrid house is ensured by solar collectors system installed on the roof. Heat from solar radiation is absorbed and used for water heating. In less sunny periods the system will be supported by electricity from power grid (alternatively by a wind turbine) or by a heat pump.
The source of heat in energy-efficient or passive house is: house insulation thanks to the Acero Frame construction, passive windows (triple casement windows) and heating by a heat pump. The source of heat energy used by this device comes from the ground – it is extracted and processed by the heat pump with the low use of electricity.
In energy-efficient house we use mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, which improves the comfort of the air without lowering the temperature. The system constantly provides fresh and cleaned air from the outside and gets rid of the “used” air.


Conventional power consumption from the city has been limited to a minimum and is treated as a supply support. The source of electricity are photovoltaic cells (optional wind turbine). Acquired in this way, excess electricity can be sold to the grid. Installed system of counters provides the user with continuous visibility and control over the amount of current drawn from the network and produced by their own devices. The entire system was developed in order to reduce energy costs at home.
In the case of prolonged absence of the sun (e.g. night, winter periods) Acero Frame house is protected by a permanent connection to the general power grid. Thanks to this, deriving additional energy from the grid begins.