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Steel halls

As a successful company in the construction industry, we know what to look for when building steel halls.

Steel halls

The construction time and quality of components

Spacious halls intended for storage or production purposes are very popular among business customers. The main reason for that is low price as compared with conventional buildings. Steel buildings has been used by Polish companies for many years, and modern design solutions ensure that they are not only spacious and tailored to the needs of investors but can also be interestingly organized.
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Our experience and Modern Technologies...

… is a combination which creates halls that are warm and meet all requirements of the investor. In view of business clients we have prepared a wide offering concerning steel halls. The finished building may be used for various purposes, including office, production and storage of products. In our offering there are also halls, which can be used for logistics centres or for sale of goods (sales halls). All of our livestock halls combine quality with modern solutions and good price.

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We support enterpreneurship

As a successful company in the construction industry, we know exactly what to pay attention to during construction of steel halls. All items are made in a way that allows easy transportation to the place of construction and assembly by using screwed joints. As a supplier of steel halls and constructions, we provide design, transport and assembly of halls. We offer our help and experience to investors from all over the country. If you are interested in steel halls and in establishing cooperation with an experienced construction company, we encourage you to contact us. We will prepare a customized offering based on your individual preferences.

Design and Turnkey construction of Steel Halls

Acero Frame steel halls combine comprehensive solutions in the field of industrial constructions based on pre-fabricated steel structures. Each steel hall’s design is created as a response to individual needs of investors who seek a smooth investment process and highest-quality execution within a specific budget.
Industrial buildings of steel – our offer
  • Acero frame designs and engineers warehouses, workshops, production plants, logistics centres, commercial centres, service centres, sorting ones, freezers, coldstores of various types of structures, the frame and mixed truss ons. We build mono-pitched and gabled facilities, from single to multi-span ones.
  • A project can consider staged engineering of a facility or its subsequent extension. The permanent features of our buildings include modernity, appearance along with functionality, that is why these are used in various industrial sectors.
  • The quality and experience of the engineering staff  as well as specialised equipment for installing steel structures enable us to construct even in the most difficult terrain and weather conditions.
  • We will individually guide you throughout all the stages to the last step. We comprehensively manage the project, so you will be guided by single key point.
  • Acero Frame offers steel facilities of top quality. The building concept of lightweight – cold-formed steel components has got numerous benefits. We provide low-maintenance, solid and aesthetic buildings. All this topped with short lead time and safe installation.
  • By choosing our brand you choose reliability, efficiency, an attractive price and, just as important, our expertise.

Industrial and production halls

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Agricultural halls and cold-stores

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Sport & leisure activities

Agricultural halls, horse-riding and leisure activities

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Offices, showrooms, workshops and halls for automotive industry

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The most important benefits

The great popularity of steel halls is due to their numerous advantages. The most important ones are:
  • Quick installation and dismantling

    We erect our buildings in a short time. We manufacture dimensionally accurate steel frames so that not to waste time on the construction site. We care for compatibility and so ensure optimal working time and short lead time.

  • Weathering resistance

    Our structures are made of solid materials, not affected by the external factors, effectively resist rust and intensive sun’s rays.  The paint coating keeps its colour for many years.

  • All sorts of modification opportunities

    We manufacture the facilities without internal supports, so the space thus obtained can be used for any purpose. Moreover, the buildings are easily retrofitted with additional installations.

  • Stable and strong structure

    We make solid structures of the materials resistant to external factors and their unique arrangement ensures  adequate load distribution preventing damage or weakening a structure.

  • A wide range of applications

    We operate on the basis of individual projects suited to one’s specific needs and preferences as well as on the basis of ready projects that can be customised to particular requirements, enabling our clients to make use of Acero Frame structures in many areas.