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Building can be easier and more enjoyable than you think!

All you need is an idea – call us and we will take care of everything else.


You can start counting days – a new building constructed in accordance with your requirements will be ready within 3 months. Building construction, installation and supply will be in line with specific project’s parameters and your expectations. Modern frame construction opens new opportunities for us and most importantly for our clients. Thanks to maximally reduced building time we are able to implement even the most spontaneous ideas.

Light Steel Frame Construction uses so called cold-formed, galvanised steel profiles with wall thickness ranging from 0,5 mm to 3 mm. Despite small cross section and relatively low weight, these profiles are sufficiently strong stiff and light at the same time. Compared to structures made from hot-rolled steel sections, structures made of these profiles may be called: “ultra-lightweight steel structures”.


Due to long experience in realisation of construction investments, we have specialised in comprehensive customer service. We have created for our clients a new dimension of construction fit for the 21st century. A new system of investment realisation specially designed for our clients ranging from the concept to construction project and turnkey project. All this to ensure high standard of service, which results in risk reduction and guarantees correct realisation even during the most important or difficult stages of the investment.

The adjustment of our solutions to your needs constitutes our priority. We choose the best technology, which comprises both cost and technical optimisation. We offer a wide variety of roof and facade covering solutions.


In our firm we always makes adjustments to meet the needs and expectations of specific participants of the investment process.


Build housing estates and multi-family buildings quickly and affordably.


We offer comprehensive design services in the field of construction.


We offer the preparation of the whole project documentation or any separate part of it.


We offer the preparation of accurate and clear detailed designs of steel thin-walled constructions.
The construction of modern and energy-efficient homes requires competent and comprehensive service in all aspects and stages of construction and of its usage.


We redesign projects into modern buildings – creatively, with imagination, professionally, effectively – based on the formula: “design and build” and a proven know-how, technically advanced solutions and experience of our team of engineers and architects.

This is how we transform projects into modern industrial, logistic, assembly or sorting halls, production floors, warehouses, cold-stores and finally residential buildings.

Design process step by step

Light Steel Frame Constructions


Acero Frame specialises in steel construction

What will be the first question that you will be asked? It will concern the intended use of the building. It is crucial, because it will determine its size and finishing. Thanks to this procedure, you will avoid buying more than necessary. In a nutshell: we help making right decisions. What is more, our designers go even further, constantly improving our buildings using their vast experience.

Research and development are the future

We call themselves a leader in Light Frame Steel Construction for a good reason: constructions that we currently offer are well ahead of their time. We are sure that it will apply to our future projects as well. This is why our engineers constantly work on making our offering perfect; we do it in close cooperation with Warsaw University of Technology. Development is key. Innovative construction of our steel buildings is a result of constant research work. Every detail was carefully designed by our engineers who work every day on improving our projects.

Wide range of applications

We use individual projects, tailored to needs and preferences of our investors, as well as projects of ready-made constructions of halls with a possibility to adapt them to particular requirements.. This enables our clients to use these constructions in various fields.

Unlimited architecture

Excellent opportunities of combining various materials: wood, glass and steel

Everything is ready: starting from construction drafting to calculations

Acero Frame experts will take care of everything: from the basic design to transport and assembly, including assembly scheme of steel construction.


The use of passive heating and mechanical ventilation with heat recuperation enables us to obtain energy performance standard of NF 40 or NF 15.

Thanks to high quality of construction materials used and installation solutions, our buildings can be classified as energy-efficient or even passive.


We contribute to environmental protection to great extent through the reduction of total materials needed for the construction of houses in Light Steel Frame Construction by 60% and of CO2 emissions.

We reduce waste to minimum and we do not use harmful chemicals, such as glues, preservatives or anti-fungal substances.

Rapid construction

Acero Frame will ensure a rapid construction of your industry hall without compromising the quality of the building. The whole process starting from your order to the completion of the construction will take only a couple of months, in some cases even less.

Cold-rolled steel enables fast installation. – Your industrial hall is made of cold rolled, galvanized steel. Thanks to this, the preparation of construction requires less work, which enables us to deliver it to you more quickly.

Typical models: standard of speed. – The construction of our industrial buildings is based on a standardized construction system. Thanks to this, both the design, production and installation are executed incredibly fast.

Due to substantial reduction of wet processes, we are able to accomplish buildings in 90 days from the date of entry to a construction site. The only wet element is a ground slab, all other works can be carried out in dry construction method in every season.

No agents involved

Acero Frame closely supervise the whole process of production of your industrial building. From the concept, through the production, down to the transport and assembly.

Saving time and money during construction process

Short construction time of the framework, which in the case of traditional construction method often takes approximately 2 years, limits such expenses like those linked with construction site security, waste management, electricity and water needed during construction, potential living costs or those connected with transport to the site during construction works.

Gaining living area

By using the steel construction method we gain 5% more of the usable area with the same external dimensions, which in the case of medium sized house allows to gain approximately 5-7 m2

Strength and low weight

The elements made of cold-rolled steel are very strong and lightweight as the same time, which makes them easier to use. It makes it possible for only two workers and a lightweight lorry equipped with a crane to build a complete construction.


Prefabrication method guarantees high quality and repeatability of produced elements to the nearest 1 mm.

Ease of alteration or modernisation

Lightness of the elements, their movability, and the ease of the assembly allow for rapid modernisation or alteration of the house. Prefabricated walls system makes it possible to dismantle them according to the individual requirements, including easy replacement of any installation.

Reliability of steel

Steel is produced from renewable sources and is 100% recyclable; it is not allergenic, due to the presence of zinc it does not corrode, it cannot be destroyed by rodents and it does not require the use of impregnating agents.