"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited" Albert Einstein

....we combine everything - Acero Frame

About us

The company’s idea envisages we should address investors’ frequent questions. We are asked about a concept and design, project consultancy as well as about the best and most effective system and structure for the expected use. Investors ask us who will produce and build a structure, insulation, a building envelope, who will complete installations and  finishes. Also, what about the energy class that a facility will be categorized in and the TCO? Finally, whether satisfying all the requirements can go along with high aesthetic standards? Acero replies yes, we have got the answers to all the questions that will satisfy both investors and us as a contractor. We design, produce and implement our solutions.


We are targeting to achieve the position of a market leader who would shape quality on the lightweight steel framing market geared towards housing and industrial construction. The role of a leader and integrator we are aspiring is some form of a commitment to make unique market quality and develop  our offer for an investor. Hence, the willingness to provide an exclusive systemic solution that would be a tool presenting the full opportunities of lightweight steel framing applications in housing and industrial facilities with special reference to energy-efficient technology.


The company relies on qualified, creative professionals who value a friendly working environment. Thanks to knowledge and proven know-how we effectively change problems into optimal solutions and efficiently carry out the most complex projects from a design stage through obtaining the necessary authorization to completion. We precisely minimize the technical, financial and regulation risk. Thanks to it, our investment projects run efficiently to the highest standards. The final result often exceeds the most demanding investors’ expectations, and a completed facility makes bigger impression than a project visualisation.
Our team


Creativity and skills of Acero Frame engineer and technical teams constitute the main capital. Thanks to international dimension of many projects accomplished, we always create optimal construction solutions in line with a particular budget and individual expectations.