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Acero Frame steel halls

Sport & leisure activities

Horse-riding and leisure activities
  • An indoor arena is a dream of every horse rider in Poland. A watertight and windproof steel shelter will provide comfort for you, your students and horses.
  • A steel structure can serve not only as a shelter of the paddock but it can also house a stable and a saddle-room. Acero Frame is able to erect a solid structure, easy to assemble with the minimum of work, including laying the foundations, in a very short time. It can be fitted and finished according to individual needs.
  • You decide on the size and finishes. A facility may function as an indoor arena or combine this use with a stable for your horses. An additional shelter can be, in turn, a perfect place for storing hay.
Aircraft Hangars
Steel hangar where you can easily garage your plane, helicopter, warehouse or service station.
  • You can easily garage your glider, helicopter or plane in a steel hangar by Acero Frame. Great flexibility in terms of size means that both Cessna and Boeing will fit in it. Moreover, it is possible to integrate two hangars into one practical structure.
  • The installation of a wide door makes it easier to  get the planes into and out of the hangar. The door can be installed even in the smallest hangar on our offer.
  • One can also make some room inside for a stock of spare parts or a service.
  • You can be sure that planes and helicopters will be well protected from the wind and humidity.