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Acero Frame steel halls


A service, a car wash or workshop? At Acero Frame structures cars feel like home. Owners of inspection stations, car service and repair stations built in Acero Frame technology are finding plenty of space needed for a comfortable operation. Steel halls are easy to install and adaptable to a particular purpose. Do you tend to start a carwash rather than a service station? In this case, we can build a location with the front and rear opening. Or maybe you prefer a technical inspection center instead? Acero Frame will prepare sufficient space you need to install all necessary services, even for lorries. Acero Frame steel halls are not only spacious and durable buildings. Their modern design is also worth mentioning. Thanks to that, a workshop, a car showroom or a control station will look presentable. Such halls can be built for you in no time!

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Offices and Showrooms
Elegant and modern office space with the individual character? You can design your own office premises, the ones that will emphasize the main goals of the enterprise and to prompt the business about your activity. We will take care of not only its design, but also of its functionality. We can erect your office space or showroom within a few weeks. You will be able to enlarge it or adapt it as requested in the future. It is essential that the inside be pleasantly cool in the summer yet warm in the winter. For that purpose, it is necessary to provide the most modern insulation. The key to our success is the customizability of our facilities. You decide on the colour, a possible mezzanine, doors, windows, glazing. Light Steel Frame technology enables you to present your company throughout Poland. Sales offices or other facilities can be built simultaneously or consecutively in various cities. Such marketing solution may increase the attractiveness of your company and help small and medium-sized enterprises to establish themselves on the market. What is your goal?

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Educational Institutions and Public Buildings
Under Directive 2010/31 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 19 May 2010 on the energy performance, Members States   must ensure that  by 31 December 2020 all new buildings are nearly zero-energy buildings, and after 31 December 2018 that new buildings occupied and owned by public authorities are nearly zero-energy buildings. That is why Acero Frame addresses those challenges offering a wide selection of services in the public sector that cover general contracting and construction of schools, nurseries and kindergartens, community centres, social housing, gymnasiums, etc. hala edu foto1 300x200 -  Halls - services
Temporary Facilities
Easy installation and dismantling is another advantage of our structures. You can instantly use your temporary warehouses, windproof and watertight, to handle a sudden increase of production and then just as quickly dismantle. Warehouse? Even if you use it rarely, it must be windproof and waterproof, durable and practical. The best choice will be the steel hall, which surpasses every other solution in every respect. Our comprehensive offer has already convinced many entrepreneurs.
Shelters of Steel
We complete steel shelters of any kind on individual order. They can have different uses, e.g., a farm shelter for farming equipment or fodder. The construction of a structure is widely discussed with a client and can have one, e.g., front opening. We are able to complete facilities with sloping roofs, gable roofs and arched roofs. Advanced technology along with a modern production line guarantee functional final products of top quality.