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Halls – agriculture

AceroFrame halls

Agriculture and Fruit Storage


Coolers for agricultural industry and the fruit and vegetables sector

A spacious cold-store in which you can store heat-sensitive or perishable products? Acero Frame builds only such structures. No matter which model you choose, each one is durable, resistant to water and wind.

We are able to build a cold-store as large as you wish, to store as many ready products, semi- or raw ones as necessary.

The construction of lightweight facilities by Acero Frame lasts much shorter than in the case of masonry buildings. Little effort is put into laying the foundations and installation, and tailor-made insulations are fitted by our experienced workers. Your new cold-store will be erected in no time and will serve you for many years.

Agricultural Warehouses

With steel warehouses by Acero Frame you will surely succeed!

A warehouse for machines, fodder, crops, vegetables or fruit. Our buildings provide perfect protection from the wind, the sun, water and thanks to the applied cooling system, they ensure the appropriate temperature throughout the year.

Convenient garaging. Steel structures of Acero Frame will remain spacious, even if equipped with a wide door, or when one side is left open.

From a small warehouse to a huge one – all Acero Frame buildings are built in the twinkling of an eye!

Animal Breeding

Steel hall ideal for livestock farming: cattle, sheep or poultry.

Livestock need a neat, warm and dry environment. By virtue of the intelligent system of structures and ventilation, we are able to adapt our facilities to a particular purpose, for example, to a cowshed, a piggery or a poultry house. Each steel structure is secured with a thick layer of zinc, making the structures resistant to the internal and external conditions.

Depending on the requirements we can cover the facility with sheet or composite board, or enclose the structure both inside and outside.