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Halls – industry and production

Acero Frame steel halls


Industrial Floors
Custom-made Steel Halls. Production and Storage – All In One Building
  • Production floors, industrial floors or a warehouse? The companies of all sizes need them. That is why industrial floors by Acero are available in a wide selection of sizes and equipped with various finishing elements. This makes the structures suitable for carpenters, steel producers, furniture components, electrical systems suppliers and many others. Our structures are applicable in many uses.
  • Are you seeking a friendly workplace? We will engineer and manufacture it. Your industrial floor will be spacious, practical, stable, easily adaptable to changing needs. All this has resulted in trust gained from a lot of companies operating in the sector.
  • Time is money. That is why each industrial floor, whether large or small, is ready to be installed in no time and to perform for a long time.


Production Floors
Customized production floor tailored to your needs – Acero Frame steel hall will serve many purposes!
  • A spacious production plant in which people and machines have excellent conditions? Acero Frame steel facilities are an ideal solution for both small companies and big enterprises. You decide what size fits best.
  • You choose also the most suitable finishing – an additional insulation will ensure friendly working conditions, a practical crane installed in the warehouse, a wide door, an additional roof in order to load and unload the goods smoothly and also to protect them against the external factors.
  • Your production floor will be erected in no time, and the constructing–related inconveniences will be limited to minimum. Entrepreneurs have already discovered the advantages of Acero Frame structures that far outweigh the traditional construction of masonry buildings in terms of construction time and expected life.
A warehouse or depot – benefit from the experience of Acero Frame.
  • A spacious warehouse which guarantees your products, machines and vehicles the protection against moisture and safe storage space. Any model of hall you choose will be durable and weatherproof.
  • The storage of raw materials, vehicles and machines requires plenty of space. We can build a structure with a nave up to 18m wide. This will enable you to stack up containers or boxes.
  • The construction of lightweight structures by Acero Frame lasts much shorter than in the case of masonry buildings, with little construction and installation workload. Your warehouse will be erected in no time and will serve you for many years.
Recycling and Waste Treatment
Waste treatment facilities, sorting plants or water treatment plants – you can rely on solid structures by Acero Frame.
  • A shelter for existing or a new-build effluent treatment plant or waste treatment one. You need a lot of space to store raw materials, sort and recycle.
  • Loaders and tippers need to easily pull into and out of the hall. Acero Frame offers lightweight steel structures that are extremely robust even when the sides are left open or wide openings for the door installation are applied.
  • A shelter, skylights or a load platform? You decide on a kind of equipment you need.